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Workout Bar’s high-energy fitness program has been designed to deliver results, whatever your goal or current fitness level. Weight loss? Check – you’ll burn 500-800 calories per class. Cardio fitness? Check – our wearable heart rate technology ensures you’re challenging yourself in every workout. Strengthening and toning? Check – a wide variety of exercises will work every part of your body.

We also use the latest technology to keep your motivation high: music and lighting syncs with the workout to keep you upbeat and on-track; red light in the studio boosts your energy levels as you train; and your personal heart rate data will tell you if you’re working hard enough.

But what really sets us apart is this: Workout Bar isn’t just fitness for fanatics. It’s exercise for everyone.

It’s social fitness.

  • A warm welcome every time
  • Coaching and motivation throughout every class
  • Adaptations for every exercise so you work at your own level
  • Interaction with other members
  • Optional team challenges where you compete as ‘tribes’
  • Social events & complimentary refreshments in our members’ lounge

The result? A whopping 96% of Workout Bar members rate our experience 10/10.