Take our Workout Bar Leader Workshop and become a Workout Bar certified instructor.


This two-day workshop will prepare participants to teach the specialty class format of “Workout Bar.” Participants will learn how to create a full body kinetic chain warm-up that is dynamic and multi-planar. Next, we’ll examine the science of high intensity interval training and learn how to design smart and effective sequences for the three circuits; strength, functional movement patterns and cardiorespiratory conditioning. Participants in the course will learn various exercises for each piece of equipment and will determine regressions and progressions for those exercises. We’ll review the signature three-step cuing formula that is utilized throughout a Workout Bar class and practice this formula while using the pre-choreographed music. The second day of the workshop involves more practice on the microphone, implementing the circuits and fine-tuning the flow of the class.

*Please note completion of this course does not guarantee employment.

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