How Does It Work ?

  • $125 enrollment fee
  • Build your powerhouse team!
  • Teams will compete against one another for the ultimate cash prize
  • Each team will be assigned a designated team leader/coach to ensure your team stays motivated, dedicated, and ready to win
  • Team that scores the most points by the end of the challenge, wins the $$$$$$$ !!!

How Do You Earn A Point?

  • Two (2) points earned for every pound of fat lost
  • Two (3) points earned for every pound of lean muscle gained
  • One (1) point earned for each Workout Bar classes attended
  • One (1) point earned for each Personal Training session at Workout Bar (If a group session, then each Athlete gets a point
  • One (1) point earned for taking a before and after picture, if Athlete permits WB to use for marketing
  • One (1) point for posting on Instagram #WBWarriorWednesday and on Facebook #WBWarriorFriday
  • Two (2) points for the Athlete that loses the biggest percentage of their percentage Body Fat
  • Two (2) points for every inch lost in Waist (Abdominal)
  • Two (2) points for every inch lost in Waist (Lower)

What else do I need to know?

  • Each team will have a Facebook group page for their leaders to post content, feedback, and motivation to the team
  • You don’t need to be a Workout Bar member to enter this challenge
  • To become a Workout Bar member exclusively for the challenge, sign up at a discounted membership price of $125for 4 x Week (normally $139)
  • The $125 enrollment fee includes:
  • Two (2) 3D STYKU Body Scans (first and last day)
  • Workout Bar goodie gift bag
  • Workout Bar accountability coach